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Pergola improvements are coming along nicely

The selling area is going through a number of improvements that aim to compliment all the wonderful plants and shrubs we have for sale and display pots and borders. The cross beams are now being secured onto the brick uprights and then the 'old' post uprights will be removed and climbers re-attached.

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Inaccessible until 12.45pm due to roadworks!

We have just been told that they have had to shut down the road so that the tarmac hardens but they will be opening up the road at 12.45pm, this is not ideal as a business and again all we can do is a

The Tea House & Nursery are OPEN!

We have disruption today from the roadworks sadly again but traffic will be able to access our site. I have just been told the tarmac will be laid today from the Castle Bytham end to Witham on the Hil



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