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Autumn Sale at Rasell's!

We have reduced prices on a number of our various plants which are very popular, we still have stock but please visit early to avoid missing out on the following deals:

Dahlias 3 for £18.00

Salvia 'Mystic Spires' 3 for £10.00

Salvias 3 for £24.00

Salvia 'Embers Wish' £4.00

Kalimeris £4.00

Asters £4.00

Pennisetum 'Vertigo' £3.00

Sanguisorba 'Pink Brushes' £4.00

Hidcote Lavender 3 for £18.00 or 10 for £50.00

Geranium 'Magical Joy' £4.00

Coreopsis 'Lady Bird' £4.00



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